Monday, March 18, 2013

I Shaved My Legs For This?

It's one of those incredibly tedious, annoying, unavoidable things about being a girl: shaving your legs has got to be on my top 10 least favorite things to do.  Of course I like the way my legs feel immediately after I shave them, but it's such a freakin hassle.

First of all - you have to trial and error the razor population to find what fits your shaving needs.  Do you have fine hair?  Thick hair?  Hairy legs? Prickly legs?  Sensitive skin?  Do you cut easily?  Do you bleed heavily?  Do you use shaving gel or shaving cream?  3, 4, 5 blades?  Disposable or not?  Soap barrier?  How many times can you get away with using the same razor blade?  How many areas are you shaving?

Personally, I am a fan of the Bic Soleil collection - the pinks & the purples (obvi).  I feel like you get a good amount for your money, you can always count on getting a coupon, they have a pleasant smell, and they work really well.  Every once and a while I will switch it up if there is another comprable brand on sale, but more often than not they're my go-tos.

It's a convienient out for situations when need-be. "Oh, I can't go bathing suit shopping because I didn't shave my legs today" or "Sorry, I won't be having sex that stranger because I didn't shave my legs today"- also can be quite inconvenient in situations such as "GOD DAMN why didn't I shave my legs today because I want to have sex with that delicious looking stranger".

Let me make this perfectly clear - I do not shave my legs everyday- well at least not during UGG season (October 31-April 1).  That practice is usually every other to every 3 days.  The problem with that being that when I get the BC text, I have to then dry shave my legs which is NEVER comfortable and I always end up with razor burn.  Don't get me wrong, I stay well groomed in other areas, but your legs?  Eh. My hair is naturally light so you can't really tell (especially when I twirl em like this).  Most of the time I have long pants or leggings on, and let's face it - no one's touching my legs.

I do, however, absolutely shave my legs when the situation calls for it.  Even when I am going to be wearing stockings with a dress I will still shave because I don't want any pokers.  I will shave them when I am going to wear ankle length pants.  I will shave them when I will be spending time with members of the opposite sex.  Before tanning.

And when I have to go to the gynocologist.

There are times when you feel you have wasted a shave.  Perhaps if your date didn't go the way you had planned.  Maybe when you decided to wear extra long pants, or if you put UGGs on over your ankle lengths.  It's always annoying when you miss a spot - how many girls carry emergency razors on them?  Nail files, sure.  Tampons, no doubt.  Lipgloss.  Advil.  Bronzer.  But a razor?  I think no.

But there is nothing quite like having to get up early and clip up your very long. thick, hair in the shower to shave your legs because you have to go to the lady doctor.  I might mind this less if my doctor were a man - but no, no, prude that I am I must see a female.  So I am shaving my legs for the doctor that I see once a year for literally 4 minutes, whom, I am sure, has seen plenty of women with hygiene habits that would make a homeless man shiver.  My butter-smooth legs had been moisturized and carefully attended to for many minutes this morning, and she didn't even notice.

Not the anti-climactic date night, not clothes shopping, not dress with stockings.  But the gynocologist.

This, my friends, is the ultimate I shaved my legs for this? moment.

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